Making the cut

What happens when you pick up a pair of pruners? Do you slash and burn, or stand back in confusion? This new illustrated pruning series aims to empower gardeners to prune their plants the right way, at the right time. This month, the focus is on wisteria, grape and roses, with general tips for pruning and advice on choosing a pair of secateurs to fit the purpose.

All the trimmings

Don’t waste those prunings – trim them up and turn them into more plants. It’s easy with advice from Tino Carnevale and a step-by-step guide to taking hardwood cuttings from plants such as hydrangea, rose and mulberry.

Grand designs

Purple and silver foliage, and green paired with white were popular palette choices this year at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. We explore some of the show gardens to discover what stood out as recurring themes, plant combinations and design elements.

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WIN a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show

The Gardener of the Year competition is back! This year, there are four categories: tiny garden, regular garden, large garden and community garden. Prizes will be awarded to individual category winners, and include a trip to Floriade in Canberra. The grand prize is a Collette ‘Spotlight on London’ tour, featuring the Chelsea Flower Show and other … Continue reading WIN a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show