Plant of the month

Don’t be intimidated by the boisterousness of a happy wisteria vine. This fragrant climber is easily tamed and shaped for maximum impact with minimum worry. It’s also an old favourite for Sophie Thomson, who has a long history with this beautiful plant.

Laying down the lawn

This succinct guide to lawn care explains how to sow lawn from seed, or lay it as fresh turf. There’s a list of some of the top modern turf varieties, tips on rejuvenating old lawn with fertiliser and top-dressing, and advice on despatching moss, bindii and bare patches.

Starter crops

Here are 10 easy vegies perfect for first-timers. Grab a pot or mark out a plot and get on down to the nursery for some seedlings. Then follow our tips for stress-free vegie-growing.

Win The Full Floriade Experience

ABC Gardening Australia magazine is offering one lucky winner overnight accommodation, lunch at a top-notch restaurant, tickets to NightFest, and a personal tour with the head gardener.

Win A Garden Helper!

One lucky reader wins Phil Dudman, our horticultural editor, for a day of work in their garden. PLUS a fantastic prize pack of garden gear from Gardena, worth $1,500, to get the job done.