Going up the wall

Vertical gardens are all the rage, and with gardens shrinking, they’re likely to remain an integral part of a cleverly designed space. Green wall expert Mark Paul demonstrates how to create a hanging garden of your own using recycled materials. Add some simple irrigation, and plants such as bromeliads and orchids, and you have a green wall to enjoy for many years.

Flowers for shade

Small gardens can be shady gardens, thanks to the close proximity of buildings, and not all
flowers will respond to limited light conditions. So which plants deliver the goods for flower lovers? Deryn Thorpe runs through a whole host of shade-loving options.

Melon management

Think your small vegie patch precludes you from growing melons and pumpkins? Think again! This simple A-frame support enables you to grow big crops on a tiny footprint, and you get double value by using the space underneath for your leafy greens. Genius!

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