March sees many of us getting our mojo back in the garden after the summer heat. Whether you’re into flowers, vegies, chooks or design, there’s something for you.

Chook special part 2

We all know Costa loves chooks, but where did this passion come from? As you’ll see in his story, like his love of gardening, it can be traced back to happy childhood visits to his grandparents’ home. In part two of the chook special, you’ll find a calendar of jobs to do, info on growing fresh greens for your girls, and a reader story about a very special hen.

The night garden

As another day draws to a close, what joy it is to sit back in a relaxing garden, surrounded by plants, fragrance, and perhaps a shimmer of water here and there. Landscape architect Arno King shows you how to use garden lighting, reflective foliage and night-fragrant plants to create a space you’ll love.

Choose your bulbs

Don’t delay… it’s time to think bulbs! Jennifer Stackhouse shows you what is flowering when so you can plan for five straight months of bulb action. Head to your nursery, grab a catalogue or hop online to nab your favourites.

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