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We visit the town of Marysville in Victoria, which was hit hard by the devastating Black Saturday bushfires of 2009. What we find is a community of residents working together and an abundance of new life in their gardens and surrounding bushland.

Take a wander around Mullumbimby SEED – our Community Garden of the Year. We talk to the president of the garden about how it began, the different elements that make it so wonderful and what they’re planning for the future.

Ferns are a great addition to the summer garden and there are so many choices. Our special feature has plenty of ideas on how you can incorporate them at your place. While most of them are pretty tough, we explain how to make them shine.

Hibiscus is flowering in many parts of Australia this month and it’s sure to set you dreaming of a tropical getaway. Learn about the huge varieties available to grow, whether you live in the tropics or in cooler areas.

Mulch conserves moisture in the garden and it also suppresses weeds, so it’s a real boon for gardeners. Sophie Thomson explains how to choose the best type for your needs, what to look for when you’re purchasing it and how to apply it correctly.

There’s a bounty of vegie growing ideas in our January issue, from salad greens to blueberries. We also find out what makes heirloom vegies so special.

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• The historic home and garden of May Gibbs • Make a Japanese-style hanging plant • Delicious blueberry desserts • Fascinating facts about spiders • Go on a roadtrip south of Busselton in WA • Your garden problems solved • Michael McCoy celebrates the joy in everyday gardening • Brand new plant releases

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