It’s sow time… climbing, twining time… and early-season vegie time! Spring is in the air, so get out your gardening gloves and spread a little happiness around your patch with the September issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.

Seeds all sown up
Few things are more satisfying in the garden than nurturing a tiny seed into a full-blown plant. Whether you want to brighten up your borders or pick something for the pot, Tino Carnevale is your guide to getting your seeds to germinate, grow and put on a fabulous show…

Heirlooms in the bank
…And it’s even more fascinating to sow seeds that have been cherished for generations. Sophie Thomson probes the reasons why some seeds survive over the centuries: flavour, performance, and yield for starters. Then think variety – you can select for shape, size, colour, texture – heirlooms just keep on keeping on.

On the trail of jasmine
Follow your nose as spring unfurls and you may be surprised by how many forms of jasmine you find – not just the familiar ‘stinky pinky’ and star jasmine, but yellow-flowered, variegated leafed, angel wings and more, climbing, twining, spreading up and along any available vertical or horizontal plane.

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Win a piece of garden art

Brighten up your day with this ‘Wren on Spade’ garden art. It can be dug into any corner of your garden or placed in full view on your lawn. Australian company Metalscape makes a variety of garden art pieces to spread around your patch. Tell us in 25 words or less: How do you invite … Continue reading Win a piece of garden art

Win a Holman GreenWall vertical garden pack

To enter, grab your September 2017 issue and complete the crossword on page 92. Then unscramble the highlighted letters and email your answer to by September 4.