Planting under citrus
Planting under citrus

What, if anything, is suitable for planting underneath citrus trees? Do coffee grounds help vegetables grow? How can I keep brush turkeys out of the garden? These are just three of the queries answered this month in a bumper Q&A section. What, if anything, is suitable for planting underneath citrus trees? A Phil Dudman says: … Continue reading Planting under citrus

Grow your own kale

This leafy vegie should be on every gardener’s hit list. Use it in everything from juices to stir-fries to pies or quiches. One cup of chopped kale has more vitamin C than a medium orange. Here are your top tips to a healthy green crop. Choose a spot that gets 3–6 hours direct sunshine a … Continue reading Grow your own kale

Enjoy the fruits of your labours
Enjoy the fruits of your labours

Avocados, pumpkins and rocket are all being harvested this month. Find out how to pick and store your crops so they keep their form and flavour. Avocado Fruit don’t ripen on the tree, so pick a few at the start of your variety’s harvest season and leave them to ripen. If they ripen evenly, pick … Continue reading Enjoy the fruits of your labours

Vegies kids
Vegies that kids love to grow

There’s no time like the present for encouraging little people to start taking an interest in gardening. The weather is cooling and the garden is beckoning us all to get our hands dirty and start digging. Here are five project ideas from Costa Georgiadis for getting the kids enthused about growing. Buy some seedlings, which … Continue reading Vegies that kids love to grow

Shrubs for a spectacular seasonal hit
6 shrubs for a spectacular seasonal hit

Growing a few shrubby autumn plants adds depth and longevity to autumn gardens, and makes that gobsmacking seasonal colour change available to all. As well as offering medium-sized autumn colour (1.5–2.5m), deciduous shrubs are less work than a large autumn tree when their leaves begin to fall! Witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis) has a deep rich-red … Continue reading 6 shrubs for a spectacular seasonal hit

Fertiliser dos & don’ts

Correct feeding of the right nutrients at the right time helps keep plants happy and productive. Overfed plants become weak, sappy and prone to pests and diseases, while underfed plants lose their vigour and cropping ability. Here are 5 tips for fertilising wisely and without damaging run-off. Use pelletised organic fertilisers or controlled-release synthetic fertilisers … Continue reading Fertiliser dos & don’ts

5 ways with mint
5 ways with mint

It’s the stayer in the herb garden – a handful of mint adds freshness to everything from tea to tabouli. Jackie French has a use for every type. Here are some of her favourites. Egyptian mint (Mentha niliaca) Add a lavish helping of chopped leaves of this mild, broad-leafed mint to a traditional, parsley-based tabouli. … Continue reading Patch up your lawn