In This Issue

Get the best out of your winter garden. Grow juicy mandarins, learn to read your plants’ body language, and discover simple ways to provide food and habitat for local wildlife.

Put out the welcome mat

From leaving a small patch of grass unmown to putting out a saucer of lemon slices for butterflies to feast on, there are many ways gardeners can make a difference to little creatures in search of food and shelter. Pick up 25+ great ideas from wildlife expert Leonard Cronin and the TV presenters.

Mandarin magic

Tuck into mandarins straight from your own backyard, with advice on planting and maintenance, top varieties, pest and disease management, and how to espalier them against a fence.

Bells & whistles

Correas are a beautiful and useful native for gardeners south of the subtropics. They thrive in sun and shade, and produce mostly bell-shaped flowers that attract nectar-feeding birds throughout the year.

What’s that plant trying to tell me?

I’m hungry, I’m sunburnt, I have a disease… Learn to read your plant’s body language with this collection of 12 common ailments, all with photos and cures.

Design essentials

Continuing his design series, Michael McCoy explains why not every plant has to be a show stopper. Some are strictly the support cast.

Nice or nasty gardeners

Recognise anyone? Jackie French has some fun with the division between the sharing, supportive gardener, and the gloater or scowler!

Also in this issue:

  • trellises & teepees in the vegie patch
  • success with bare-rooted planting
  • tips for growing leeks
  • managing arthritis in pets
  • design trends from the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

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