In This Issue

Solutions to citrus problems

Australians love growing lemons, limes, mandarins, oranges and other juicy delights, but it’s not always plain sailing. In this super citrus clinic, experts answer questions for home gardeners and offer solutions to common problems.

Creating a cosy outdoor space

Firepits, gas heaters, radiant heaters, chimeneas – see what heating options are available these days for gardens and outdoor dining spaces, and check out blinds, louvres and soft furnishings to create the perfect snug extension to your home.

Keeping plants from drying out

Anti-transpirants are like all-weather coats for plants, protecting them from climatic extremes and, most importantly, limiting moisture loss by up to 50 per cent. Learn everything you need to know about this waterwise product.

Growing pears in your backyard

Pears are traditionally known as big, beautiful trees for cool climates, but there are varieties suitable for warmer climes. Learn how to grow ‘pears for your heirs’ – pick up tips on planting, pruning and pest management, as well as top varieties to try.

Fragrant blooms for the winter garden

An all-time favourite, sweet-scented daphne never goes out of fashion. It has a reputation for being fickle but, with proper cultivation and care, you can enjoy the glorious blooms of this winter-flowering shrub for many years to come.

Temperamental vegies

Carrots, celery, brussels sprouts, wasabi and onions are popular crops with home gardeners, but they can be tricky little things. This short, sharp guide to their temperamental quirks will have you on track in no time.

When to prune clematis

All clematis need regular pruning, but the timing depends on which type of clematis you’re growing. Learn when and how to cut back the three different types to ensure an abundance of brilliant blooms next season.

Are you our next Gardener of the Year?

Five gardeners from around the country will be chosen this year as finalists and featured on Gardening Australia on ABC TV, and in ABC Gardening Australia magazine. Each receives a terrific prize pack, and the overall winner – chosen via public voting – scores a travel voucher for $15,000 from tour company Collette. Pick up the July issue for your official entry coupon, and get your entry together now.

Also in this issue

    • The majestic appeal of imperial bromeliads
    • Making a splash with blue-purple winter iris
    • Jackie French explains how to have tomatoes in winter
    • Natives and exotics blend beautifully in a Brisbane garden
    • The wonderful world of air plants
    • Broccoli – how to grow it and tempting ways to cook it


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