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Do you know how to train and prune a climbing rose? Or how to create a beautiful hanging basket? The May issue shows you this and much more.

Climbing roses.

If you’ve never grown one before, jump in now, with expert advice from Elizabeth Swane on choosing the right climbing rose for the spot, and tips on training, pruning and general care. If you’re an old hand, but always with an eye out for something new, see our lists of small, large and vigorous cultivars, and pick up some extra growing tips.

All in one basket

Create a hanging basket to be proud of. Inspired by the spectacular displays seen in Europe, Deryn Thorpe shows you how to choose your basket, decide on a great combination of plants, and put the whole thing together in creative and satisfying ways.

Herbs & vegies

Get some fresh greens on your plate – grow your own crop of English spinach with Sabrina Hahn’s practical tips. Check out ways to preserve herbs by drying, freezing or preserving in vinegar, oil or condiments with Marcelle Nankervis; and give good old potatoes a go, in trenches or large containers.

Sustainable housing

Josh Byrne visits a Perth home and garden project where like-minded souls have banded together to create a thoroughly modern shared living space. Private gardens mix with communal ones, allowing everyone to share in bees, chooks, a vegie patch and other garden desirables.

Design essentials

Michael McCoy continues the design series with a study of how the mix of hard and soft surfaces in a garden is more than just visual. He explores the sensory pleasures of moving from grass to paving to wood to gravel…

Turning leaves into pumpkins

See how Jackie French turns the great free bounty of autumn – fallen leaves – into temporary vegie beds and, ultimately, pumpkins!

Also in this issue:

* tree dahlia * arthritis in pets * meet the gardener: Clive Blazey
* an ugly Sydney site transformed into a beautiful native parkland

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