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Camellias, cauliflowers and a colourful courtyard… plus grapevines, garden clubs and garden crimes… it’s all in the July issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.

The Camellia Ark

Many of our most treasured camellias face big challenges in Australia as rapid urban development and new quarantine restrictions take their toll. See how a group of dedicated plant lovers are doing their best to make sure we conserve and propagate these garden classics.

Worm farming

Did you know the by-products of worm farming are thought to have similar benefits for soil as probiotics have on our gut flora? Learn how to set up a worm farm and start producing your own fantastic fertiliser.

Garden clubs

Where else can a budding gardener (or a serious green thumb, for that matter) get dirty with fellow plant lovers? It’s time to go clubbing… Find out what’s in store when you sign up with your local garden club.

Rooftop gardening

Check out three great examples of vegetable gardens growing high above ground level. How do they work, and what do you need to know to establish your own?

Crime time!

Most of us have bought plants that we never got around to planting, or done a hard prune at the wrong time. Have a bit of fun as we take a humorous look at the petty crimes – or should that be planty crimes? – that we’ve all committed at one time or another.

Kitchen garden

Plant a grapevine now, and revel in the summer shade and fruit it delivers. Harvest your caulis and cook up some cauli ‘rice’ or ‘mash’. And give your deciduous fruit trees a winter pampering session.

Creative courtyard

A jeweller takes her love for colour and detail outdoors, creating a courtyard garden filled with climbing, twining, textured loveliness.

Also in this issue:

  • the fascinating world of pitcher plants
  • Jackie French on felling trees
  • Michael McCoy on clipped versus fuzzy lines
  • sharing a pet after a break-up
  • top job of the month: prune your roses

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