February is all about keeping your cool… Cover bare earth with native groundcovers, potter in the shade with hoyas and mints, and see how to create a tropical garden (even if you don’t live in the tropics).

Hang a hoya

A favourite from the ’70s is wowing us all over again with its fabulous trailing foliage, waxy blooms, and array of forms and habits. Find your favourites, and learn how to keep them looking glossy and gorgeous.

Make a tropical garden

Fancy a bit more of that relaxed holiday vibe in your own backyard? See how to create a tropical-style garden even if you don’t live in the tropics.

Amazing air plants

Meet an innovative artist and gardener who’s using air plants (tillandsias) to create living screens, and mitigate the effects of a hotter climate. And if you’ve got the patience, see how to propagate them from seed.

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Win a Fruit Salad Tree sml
Win a Fruit Salad Tree

Fruit Salad Trees bear up to six types of fruit from the same family on the one tree, each retaining its own appearance, ripening time and flavour. We have five Fruit Salad Trees with two fruits (lemon and orange) on each tree, valued at $69.95 per tree, to give away. Competition closes February 14.

Win an in-ground worm farm

We have five Gardena Tumbleweed Worm Buffet prize packs, worth $109 each, to give away.

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