Get festive with gifts you can grow and make yourself, prep your plants for the summer heat, add sparkle and cheer to your garden with silver-leafed plants and Chinese lantern, and get the most out of your fruit trees.

Beat the heat this summer

With another tough Aussie summer around the corner, find out how you can prepare your plants for heatwaves, water restrictions and storms, and what you can do to revive them if the damage has already been done.

Christmas gifts from the garden

’Tis the season! Sophie Thomson shows how you can make this Christmas extra special with home-grown, handmade gifts from the heart.

Gardening with silver plants

Once valued mainly for their waterwise properties, plants with silver foliage are now loved for the dash of sophisticated beauty they bring to garden schemes. Find out how to use them well, and which ones to look out for.

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Win 1 of 10 Fly Trap Prize Packs
Win 1 of 10 Fly Trap Prize Packs

WANT TO WIN an EnviroSafe prize pack? 10 lucky winners will take home Australia’s #1 Fly Trap Pack.

win a Wolf-Garten lawn, garden & clean-up tool pack
Win a Wolf-Garten garden tool pack

To enter, solve the crossword on page 88 of our December issue and go into the draw to win one Wolf-Garten garden, lawn and clean-up tool pack, valued at $547. Competition closes December 5, 2021.

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