10 gardening jobs to do this month

10 gardening jobs to do this monthThere’s lots to do around the garden as the weather warms up. Here are 10 jobs to get you started.

  1. Pot up some summer annuals, such as petunias, so you’ll have plenty of colour for Christmas.
  2. Fertilise lawns with a slow-release, organic-based lawn food.
  3. Admire the spring roses, but don’t forget to check for (and squash) any aphids you find on new shoots.
  4. Stake peonies carefully to support the heavy blooms and show them off.
  5. Apply liquid seaweed to seedlings and other spring plants to encourage good root development.
  6. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs to get them settled in before the hot weather starts.
  7. Lift and divide polyanthus plants and move the healthy divisions into a shadier spot for summer.
  8. Prune japonica camellias, if required, and try propagating some new plants from the pruned pieces.
  9. Trim lavender plants, and sprinkle some garden lime or dolomite over their lower foliage.
  10. Re-pot container plants that haven’t been serviced for a while, and add some slow-release fertiliser.

You’ll find more than 50 gardening jobs and projects to do this month, including how to prune grevilleas, plant tropical fruit trees and create your own lollipop topiary, in the October 2019 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.