10 jobs to do in the garden in January

10 jobs to do in the garden in December

Keep things ticking over in your summer garden, but be clever about it. Stick to the shade where possible, and garden at either end of the day, avoiding midday heat. Here are 10 jobs to get your trowel into.

  • Stop summer weeds before they go to seed – dig them up (above) or chop and drop
  • Spray plants with seaweed solution, which strengthens their cell walls, reducing heat stress
  • Cut back the central shoots on dahlia plants to encourage side shoots and more flowers
  • Prune roses by one third, then feed and water to set up a super show of blooms in six to seven weeks
  • Work in the garden in the morning or the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day and keep on top of jobs
  • Spike all over the lawn using a garden fork so that any rain that falls will penetrate easily
  • Arrange for someone to water the garden if you are going away for more than a few days
  • Move cymbidium orchids into a spot with early morning sun and give them a once-yearly application of diluted Epsom salts
  • Give lavender foliage a light sprinkling with lime or dolomite after periods of wet and humid weather
  • Trim camellias this month before they start setting flower buds, and ensure you keep them well watered

You’ll find more than 50 gardening jobs or projects to do this month, including step-by-step guides on how to propagate thyme by layering and how to prune euphorbia, in the January 2022 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.