10 things to do in your edible garden

Edible gardenAugust is a crossover month in the patch, as the last winter vegies are eaten, and beds are cleared for summer crops. It’s also the last chance to plant bare-rooted specimens of deciduous fruit trees. Here are 10 jobs to do in the edible garden.

  1. Prepare beds for summer vegies by weeding, digging in compost, testing pH and liming, if needed
  2. Lift strawberry leaves and fruit, and spread a layer of loose, airy mulch over the root area
  3. Cut off and bin gall-wasp lumps found near the tips of citrus stems
  4. Begin sprouting a choko fruit on your kitchen bench, ready for planting out when the weather is warmer
  5. Plant new kiwifruit 5m apart, making sure you have at least one male and one or more female vines
  6. Start seeds of slow-cropping vegies, such as tomatoes, melons and pumpkins, in pots under cover or on a bright indoor windowsill
  7. Shorten long, arching shoots on your lemon trees after the bulk of the harvest is over
  8. Spray citrus trees with lime sulfur to clean up mites and white louse scale that appear on trunks and limbs
  9. Begin harvesting early asparagus shoots but don’t cut them too heavily from the young plants
  10. Finish planting deciduous fruit trees into garden beds or good-sized pots or other containers

You’ll find more than 50 jobs to do around the garden this month in the August issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.