3 great roses for humid climates

Yes, you can grow great roses in humid conditions. You just need to choose the right cultivars and apply some simple gardening practices. Here are three great rose choices to get you started.

  1. ‘Monsieur Tillier’
    This Tea Rose has distinctive, medium-sized, old-fashioned blooms in carmine-red washed with brick and passing to a shaded violet. The flowers have a fresh, herbaceous fragrance and repeat well.
  2. ‘Pierre de Ronsard’
    With creamy white flowers suffused with pink, this climber blooms year-round, with spectacular flushes in spring and autumn.
  3. ‘Seduction’
    This is one of the toughest Floribundas available. It has soft white blooms with pink edges. There’s no fragrance, but it will flower abundantly.

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