4 tips for seed sowing

seed sowing

A nice way to welcome spring is to sow some seeds. Look for your favourite flower or vegie seed packets, or pull out the seeds you collected last year from your garden, and start sowing. Here are a few tips to get your babies off to the best start.

  1.  As a general rule of thumb, sow big seeds deeper and small seeds closer to the surface.
  2. What is your plant’s typical climate? For example, seeds of warm season annuals need warm conditions to get started, so if it’s still cold where you are, place your freshly sown punnets on a sunny windowsill.
  3. If you’re raising your seeds under cover before moving them out to the garden, make a seed-raising mix by combining one part potting mix with one part compost. Just sieve the ingredients into a bucket, mix thoroughly, and you’re ready to sow.
  4. If you’re a beginner, try this experiment. Sow seeds into three identical punnets. Water one three times a week, the second punnet once daily, and the last multiple times a day. Note which works best and repeat that in the future.

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