5 ways with mint

5 ways with mintIt’s the stayer in the herb garden – a handful of mint adds freshness to everything from tea to tabouli. Jackie French has a use for every type. Here are some of her favourites.

Egyptian mint (Mentha niliaca) Add a lavish helping of chopped leaves of this mild, broad-leafed mint to a traditional, parsley-based tabouli.

Corsican mint (M. requienii) It looks fabulous covering a garden seat or spilling out of a giant pot. Keep it watered and keep it weeded.

‘Backdoor mint’ (M. spicata var. crispa) “Pop out the back, love, and get me some mint.” It’s that one – great for a lamb roast or a fruit salad.

Peppermint (M. x piperita) This hybrid between spearmint and wild water mint is perfect for a pot of tea.

Apple mint (M. suaveolens) This almost became a weed at our place, though luckily I’d planted it where the lawnmower kept it in check. It’s a soft mint with a strong apple fragrance and classic mint undertones, great for tea.

You’ll find many more mints listed in the March issue, on sale now.