6 simple ways to store your garden gear

6 simple ways to store your garden gearNo room for a proper shed? Here are some simple and cheap ways to stash your tools, stakes, potting mix, and everything else that collects over time in the garden.

    1. Rubbish bins with lids
      Invest in several plastic or metal bins to store your potting mix, chook food, garden fertilisers and other bulky items. Keep them out of the way by storing them under a bench.
    2. Large buckets
      Deep, straight-sided buckets that once held fertiliser, along with flexible trugs, make great storage. Carry and stow tools in them, but keep empty ones too, so you can fill them with weeds or prunings as you work.
    3. Clear storage boxes
      These can be used for garden chemicals or other material that needs to be kept dry and secure. If the box is clear, you can see into it and quickly find what you need.
    4. DIY wall mounts
      Don’t want to invest in off-the-rack wall-mounted storage? Cut and mount rigid plastic pipes on the wall to hold tools vertically. Put one at the base and one near the neck of the tool, and store handle down. Space them wider than your widest tool, and check how high you can lift the tool to find the right position for the upper support.
    5. Rake hook
      The tynes of an old rake head mounted on the wall can transform into a rustic hanger that can be used to suspend small tools.
    6. Hose storage
      Hoses are normally kept out in the garden, but in small spaces it’s safer to put the hose away after use. Use a hose reel, loop it over a broad hook, or coil it up to stow in a hiding place under a planter or bench.

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