Brew some weed tea

Brew weed tea

Weeds compete with plants and rob the soil of nutrients. They also take a lot of energy to remove! Costa Georgiadis steps you through how to brew up your weeds into a cheap, home-grown fertiliser that returns those stolen nutrients to the soil.

All you need is a 20L bucket and lid, a garden sieve and a bottle.

  1. Collect a good few handfuls of weeds, kikuyu, and other running weeds such as sorrel. Avoid weeds that have mature seed, as they may survive the process and spread further. If you must use them, remove the seed heads first.
  2. Place the weeds in a 20L bucket, then add enough water to thoroughly submerge them.
  3. Put the lid on the bucket (to contain the smell) and leave the mixture to ferment for four to six weeks.
  4. Check the contents of the bucket from time to time. When the weeds have become a slimy sludge, sieve the weed tea, and throw the remaining mixture in the compost so it continues to break down.
  5. Pour the weed tea into a bottle. To use it to fertilise your plants, dilute with fresh water at a ratio of 1:10. You can store it for up to three weeks.

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