Bulb care after flowering

Bulb care after flowering Massed bulb displays give everyone a lift in spring. But what do you do when the blooms begin to fade? In warm and temperate areas, which don’t experience cold winters or frost, bulbs left in the ground may get too hot, and can overheat and wither in the soil over summer. Equally, bulbs can rot during wet, humid summers.

  • Tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, fancy daffodils and alliums require lifting. Dig these out of the ground, shake off excess soil and place in trays, boxes, baskets or string bags.
  • Gladioli, spring stars, snowflakes, freesias, Sparaxis spp., ixias, common daffodils and nerines can be left in the ground year after year.
  • To keep soil cooler during summer, apply a 5cm layer of mulch over the soil or grow spreading annuals or groundcovers over the top.

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