Gardening on a budget
Gardening on a budget

Surviving tough times often means getting back to basics. Here are some tips to keep your garden going, and to make the most of harvests so you have a good supply of food all year.

Service your pruning tools
Service your pruning tools

Winter is such an important season for pruning that it’s worth getting your tools in order before you begin. Here’s how to prepare your secateurs, loppers and saws for winter pruning jobs.

Top 10 jobs in vegie patch
10 jobs to do in the vegie patch

There’s lots to do in the edible garden at this time of year. Here’s a list of jobs to do now.

Top 10 jobs in May
10 jobs to do in the garden this month

There’s lots to do around the garden at this time of year, from detailing shrubs and ornamental grasses to transplanting evergreens such as camellias and azaleas. Here’s a sample of jobs to do now.

Seedling success
Success with seedlings

Rule number one with seedlings is: handle them with care! Multicell punnets are great because the root system of each plant is nicely contained in its own little pocket of soil, so there’s less chance of disturbing the roots. Before planting, soak the punnet in a shallow tray of water for five minutes.

How to use greywater

Water collected while washing vegies or waiting for the shower to warm up is too good to waste down the drain. But when using greywater on the garden, the devil is in the detail. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Plant correas for winter blooms
Plant correas for winter blooms

Correas are mostly compact Australian native shrubs that grow in a wide range of situations, including frosty spots and semi-shade. They are drought tolerant once established, and are very attractive to birds, both for their nectar and as nest sites.