3 ways to enliven your garden for spring

Spring is in the air and gardens everywhere are showing signs of new life. Plants are budding, shoots are popping through the soil, and spring-blooming trees are flushing with colour. It’s the perfect time to hit the nurseries for some seasonal inspiration. Here are three ways to enliven and add some magic to your garden.

Urban Jungle
Propagate anthuriums for an indoor oasis

We love meeting passionate gardeners and learning about their plant obsessions. And Sydney couple Alicia and Nige are a perfect example: their passion for growing and propagating rare indoor plants has seen them transform their entire home into a dedicated plant growing and breeding facility.

Top tomatoes
How to grow top tomatoes

Dreaming of growing juicy, rich, flavour-packed tomatoes? There’s nothing quite like picking produce from your own vegie patch or potted balcony garden. For a healthy, delicious and trouble-free tomato harvest, here are three expert tips you’ll want to put into action.

Garden edit
Refresh and rejuvenate your garden

Watching a garden grow and take shape is one of the many joys of being a gardener, but over time, gardens naturally become more cluttered and overgrown. You can give your garden a new lease of life with these three smart edits. Grab your garden tools!

Indoor plants
Give your indoor plants a health check

The end of winter is a good time to give your indoor plants a little TLC. Inspect plants for signs of trouble, and resolve them early with these clever tips.

august jobs
August jobs in the patch

With warmer weather around the corner, plants will soon be bursting with growth, so whether you grow your fruit and vegies in pots or garden beds, it’s time to get your edible garden ready for action! Why not plant some seed potatoes, and crowns of rhubarb? Here are some of our top tips for August.

5 ways to build biodiversity
5 ways to build biodiversity

Keen to stimulate a diverse ecosystem in your garden? Disturbing soil here and there is in itself a help, but there are lots of other little things we can do to create a healthy environment for insects and wildlife. Here are five small steps (with big biodiversity gains) to get you started.