seeds a no-show?
why didn’t my seeds come up?

Does this happen at your place? Seeds that you didn’t even know were there come sprouting out of the compost with incredible ease – capsicum, tomatoes, melons and those wild pumpkins – but the ones you sow yourself simply fail to cooperate! What can you do to change this? 1 First, it’s important to get … Continue reading why didn’t my seeds come up?

jobs to do now
10 gardening jobs to do in October

Spring is in full swing and it’s time to enjoy all the new growth while you prepare for summer. Here are 10 jobs to get stuck into this month. Plant gladioli bulbs at two-week intervals to spread out their blooming over late summer and autumn Prune and fertilise native shrubs soon after their flowers start … Continue reading 10 gardening jobs to do in October

Crops in pots
keep crops in pots cool

Plants in containers dry out faster as the weather warms up. There are things you can do to minimise heat stress in your potted patch, from pot selection and positioning to judicious use of additives. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. 1 gather your pots Group your containers together to help create a … Continue reading keep crops in pots cool

Easy vegies to grow now
easy vegies to grow now

As spring hoves into view, even non-gardeners are feeling the itch to grow something. If you haven’t already got some vegies planned or planted this month, now’s the time to whack a few into the ground or pots. Here are five low-fuss edibles to plant right now, for spring and summer eating. Loose-leaf lettuce Crisp … Continue reading easy vegies to grow now

Wisteria dos and don'ts
wisteria dos and don’ts

A well-managed wisteria coming into bloom is a sight to behold. If yours is looking a bit ordinary, you might need to sharpen the way you train and prune it. Here are some tips for keeping wisteria in good shape. The best time to prune wisteria is in late spring or early summer after flowering … Continue reading wisteria dos and don’ts

September jobs to do
jobs to do now

Spring is finally here and all your preparation is about to pay off. Here are a few jobs you can do this month. Start picking and keep on picking sweet peas – the more you pick, the more you get! Allow your cyclamens to dry out now that they are heading into their usual dormant … Continue reading jobs to do now

Catch up now for spring
Catch up now for spring

The first whiff of spring is a joyful time for gardeners – unless you left your run a bit late, or didn’t even get started! Here are some ways to salvage the situation so you can still enjoy the flowering and planting pleasures of the season. Spring-flowering bulbs If you’re still sitting on a bag … Continue reading Catch up now for spring