Herb wheel
Make a herb wheel

A herb wheel is a simple and attractive way to grow several herbs in a small space. Here’s how to create this fun and practical garden bed. Choose a sunny spot not too far from the kitchen, then clear the area and improve the soil. Run a string line from a central peg to mark … Continue reading Make a herb wheel

Plants steppers
Step this way!

Steppers are the finishing touch to a garden, creating pathways through beds, and connections between different zones. To soften their edges, consider adding some plants. Here are three choices to get you started. Kidney weed (Dichondra repens) Widely used as a grass substitute in shady spots, this native groundcover has creeping stems and circular green … Continue reading Step this way!

Q&A: How to care for potted cumquats

These highly ornamental fruit trees produce bright orange fruit in winter, and scented white flowers in spring. They make good-looking pot plants on a balcony, patio or couryard. Here are some tips for keeping yours thriving and producing. Any citrus grown in pots need extra attention to thrive, including regular fertiliser, trace elements and water. … Continue reading Q&A: How to care for potted cumquats

Edible garden
10 things to do in your edible garden

August is a crossover month in the patch, as the last winter vegies are eaten, and beds are cleared for summer crops. It’s also the last chance to plant bare-rooted specimens of deciduous fruit trees. Here are 10 jobs to do in the edible garden. Prepare beds for summer vegies by weeding, digging in compost, … Continue reading 10 things to do in your edible garden

Native Bees
Q&A: How can I attract native bees to my garden?

Native bees are an important component of any wildlife-friendly garden, and with about 1700 species, some are probably buzzing around your garden, collecting nectar and pollinating the plants. Here are three ways to make them truly welcome. Grow bee-food plants, such as tea tree, callistemon, melaleuca, scaevola, grevillea, westringia and hibbertia. Avoid using insecticides, wherever … Continue reading Q&A: How can I attract native bees to my garden?

Grow microgreens indoors

Even if you don’t have much room in your garden for food crops, you can always grow healthy microgreens on an indoor windowsill. They’re quick and easy to grow from seed.

How to choose and plant the right tree

A tree is an investment. It will become a feature in your garden, develop a root system and eventually shade part of the garden. However, the wrong tree in the wrong spot can push up paving, out-compete other plants or throw shade where you don’t want it.