foliage burn
Manage foliage burn

You’ve been caught out on a scorching day, and arrived home to find your plants are burnt. What do you do? Foliage burn is heartbreaking, but many plants recover from it. Start by watering the foliage to cool the plants down, then soak the ground around them. If you’re expecting more extreme weather, or if … Continue reading Manage foliage burn

autumn colour
Plant now for autumn colour

Now is the time to plant autumn-blooming perennials so they can settle in before their autumn showtime. In tropical and subtropical areas, sun-tolerant impatiens continue producing endless colour well into the cooler months. Gaura, Michaelmas daisy and other perennial asters flourish in cooler areas. Japanese windflowers make a massed autumn display in a range of … Continue reading Plant now for autumn colour

Prepare for summer watering

Make sure everything is in order for watering your summer garden. Start by checking to see if there are any restrictions in your area, as water supplies are very low in many places. Here are some tips to help you conserve water in your garden: Inspect hoses for holes, leaky joins and cracked fittings. Run … Continue reading Prepare for summer watering

Top 10 gardening jobs this month

There’s lots to do around the garden at this time of year. Here’s a list of jobs to do now. Buy a potted hippeastrum while these showy plants are in flower, or make a resolution to purchase bulbs in late winter next year. Feed azaleas, rhododendrons and daphne with a fertiliser that is suitable for … Continue reading Top 10 gardening jobs this month

Tips for setting up a birdbath

Birds need to bathe to keep their feathers in good condition, and a birdbath is the easiest and cheapest way to provide water for them in your garden. You can make one from a terracotta saucer standing on an upturned pot or suspended from a branch, or buy one ready-made. Ensure the birdbath you choose … Continue reading Tips for setting up a birdbath

Wicking Beds
What makes wicking beds wick?

There’s a lot of talk about wicking beds these days, and for good reason, as they are incredibly efficient with water. There are many other benefits, but first, what exactly is a wicking bed? Essentially, a wicking bed is a raised bed with a water reservoir in its base that supplies moisture to the growing … Continue reading What makes wicking beds wick?

10 gardening jobs to do this month
10 gardening jobs to do this month

There’s lots to do around the garden as the weather warms up. Here are 10 jobs to get you started. Pot up some summer annuals, such as petunias, so you’ll have plenty of colour for Christmas. Fertilise lawns with a slow-release, organic-based lawn food. Admire the spring roses, but don’t forget to check for (and … Continue reading 10 gardening jobs to do this month