Crops to plant now
Crops to plant now

While it’s still too cold in most of the country to be planting spring and summer crops in the ground, you can sow seed and raise seedlings of edibles, such as tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums and chillies, in containers. Here are some top crops you can get started now: TOMATOES Amish Paste For sauces, salads and … Continue reading Crops to plant now

5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook thumb
5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook

There’s no need to huddle inside on chilly days when you can create a warm and cosy space outside for relaxing while you enjoy your garden. Here’s how. Furniture If you have the space, a lounge setting with a coffee table transforms a patio into an outdoor room, but even one chair, a tiny folding … Continue reading 5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook

3 top citrus solutions thumb
3 top citrus solutions

Aussies love growing citrus, and questions about lemons, limes and other juicy delights dominate the airwaves on gardening talkback. Here are some common citrus problems and how to solve them. Aphids and scale Aphids are tiny sap-sucking insects that congregate on new growth, especially during spring. Squash or hose them off. Several scale insects attack … Continue reading 3 top citrus solutions

Tricky vegies
3 tricky vegies

Some of our favourite crops in the home garden come with a few quirks and traps. Here are five tricky vegies and how to manage their little foibles. Carrots The main issues lie in the soil and seed. Carrots love deep, well-dug soil that’s free of rocks, otherwise the roots end up stunted or forked. … Continue reading 3 tricky vegies

How to re-pot a fruit tree sml
How to re-pot a fruit tree

Okay, time to bite the bullet. If your fruit tree needs re-potting because of poor drainage or the soil is really old, or it’s just not happy, here are the steps to take. Find a container that’s slightly bigger than the previous one. If it has no drainage holes, drill a few. Add about 100mm … Continue reading How to re-pot a fruit tree

Potted garden Banner
5 tips for arranging pots

It’s perfectly possible to have a great garden even when you’re growing plants entirely in pots and containers. Here are five simple ways you can create depth, interest and fun with a potted garden. Create a greater sense of depth Stagger plants from the smallest at the front to the tallest at the back. Create … Continue reading 5 tips for arranging pots

6 plants to grow in a small space

Small plants are perfect for small gardens, or tight corners in a bigger garden. And some plants can even be grown on a sunny windowsill. Here are 6 top picks for a small space. African violets With their heart-shaped leaves and pretty flowers, African violets are the potted sophisticates of the windowsill. They need bright, indirect … Continue reading 6 plants to grow in a small space