Q&A: How to care for potted cumquats

These highly ornamental fruit trees produce bright orange fruit in winter, and scented white flowers in spring. They make good-looking pot plants on a balcony, patio or couryard. Here are some tips for keeping yours thriving and producing.

Edible garden
10 things to do in your edible garden

August is a crossover month in the patch, as the last winter vegies are eaten, and beds are cleared for summer crops. It’s also the last chance to plant bare-rooted specimens of deciduous fruit trees. Here are 10 jobs to do in the edible garden.

Native Bees
Q&A: How can I attract native bees to my garden?

Native bees are an important component of any wildlife-friendly garden, and with about 1700 species, some are probably buzzing around your garden, collecting nectar and pollinating the plants. Here are three ways to make them truly welcome.

Grow microgreens indoors

Even if you don’t have much room in your garden for food crops, you can always grow healthy microgreens on an indoor windowsill. They’re quick and easy to grow from seed.

How to choose and plant the right tree

A tree is an investment. It will become a feature in your garden, develop a root system and eventually shade part of the garden. However, the wrong tree in the wrong spot can push up paving, out-compete other plants or throw shade where you don’t want it.

Plant a grapevine

As far as fruiting plants go, it’s hard to beat a grapevine for benefits. It will give you delicious fruit in summer for eating fresh or dried, juicing and making wine or vinegar. The young leaves can be used for making dolmades, and if you grow your vine over a pergola you can use it to create leafy shade in summer.

House plant
House plant helper

Indoor plants add green to the urban grey, breathe oxygen into your world and absorb unhealthy chemicals from the atmosphere. But bugs appear, diseases strike and so do mysterious ailments that turn glossy green plants from hero to zero, often in a matter of days or weeks. Here’s some expert advice for helping a sick peace lily.