Pets and poisonous plants don’t mix
Pets and poisonous plants don’t mix

Cats are pretty good at avoiding toxic plants, but dogs can be less picky. If you worry about whether a particular plant will harm your pet, here’s a snapshot of a few plants and which parts can cause problems. Lilium This can cause kidney damage and failure. Oleander The animal is likely to exhibit breathlessness …
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Grow a pot of carrots

You can grow enough carrots in a pot to keep you going for months, and it’s handy being able to move it around so they get just the right amount of sun. Here’s how to get started. Choose a container at least 30cm wide and deep. If you’re growing carrots over the warmer months, go … Continue reading Grow a pot of carrots

5 top edging materials

Edging is the unsung hero of the garden, creating defined lines that give the landscape a clean, finished appearance. Whichever type you choose, it provides the essential finishing touch to your landscaping. Plastic This is sold as rolls of flexible, UV-resistant material that you cut to the desired length and secure in the ground with … Continue reading 5 top edging materials

Hedges in a hurry

Hedges are very useful in the garden to separate one area from another or to screen out the neighbours! Here are three fast-growing options that also offer fruit or flowers. Bottlebrush (Callistemon) Bottlebrushes make terrific screening plants. They can be pruned occasionally to form an informal hedge or clipped more regularly for a crisper look, … Continue reading Hedges in a hurry

Flower Border Image
Three plants to boost a flower border

If your flower garden is looking a bit lacklustre at this time of year, fill the gaps with one of these low-care, cheery flowering annuals and perennials. Select colours to complement those already growing in the garden bed and be careful not to disturb the roots. African daisy (Osteospermum ecklonii) A spreading daisy with flushes … Continue reading Three plants to boost a flower border

Crops to plant now
Crops to plant now

While it’s still too cold in most of the country to be planting spring and summer crops in the ground, you can sow seed and raise seedlings of edibles, such as tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums and chillies, in containers. Here are some top crops you can get started now: TOMATOES Amish Paste For sauces, salads and … Continue reading Crops to plant now

5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook thumb
5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook

There’s no need to huddle inside on chilly days when you can create a warm and cosy space outside for relaxing while you enjoy your garden. Here’s how. Furniture If you have the space, a lounge setting with a coffee table transforms a patio into an outdoor room, but even one chair, a tiny folding … Continue reading 5 ways to create a snug outdoor nook