Ways to use a grapevine
Ways to use a grapevine

Are you enjoying sitting under a shady grapevine this summer? As you while away the hot days, revelling in your clever choice of a natural shady nook, Jackie French explores many other uses for those versatile vines… Grape wood prunings make excellent summer barbecue skewers. Some woods are toxic, but grape wood is safe and … Continue reading Ways to use a grapevine

Blitz those pesky weeds feature
Blitz those pesky weeds

Some spread seed on the wind, some rely on animals to digest and distribute them, but we all have them in the garden somewhere! They’re weeds, and they are the ultimate stayers. You can hit them with systemic chemical herbicides, but if you prefer not to use them, read our A–Z feature over December and … Continue reading Blitz those pesky weeds

Help, it’s nearly Christmas! sml
Help, it’s nearly Christmas!

Playing host this festive season? Is your garden far from looking picture-perfect? Don’t worry, there’s time to spruce up your patch even if you’ve procrastinated until the last minute. Just put aside a few hours each week, and you can still whip it into shape. Here’s a few of the tasks on our to-do lists … Continue reading Help, it’s nearly Christmas!

Top tips for tasty tomatoes sml
Top tips for tasty tomatoes

Your tomato plants will be needing a bit of attention now to ensure a bountiful crop, so follow our care guide and you’ll soon be eating plump, juicy tomatoes that are full of flavour – a true taste of summer. Train vines Once or twice a week, pinch out shoots sprouting from leaf junctions and … Continue reading Top tips for tasty tomatoes

Zippy way to a few new zygos

Want to splash some colour in a shady corner for next to nothing? Zygocactus (Schlumbergera truncata) are well suited to pots and hanging baskets because they cope with periods of being dry. They are very easy to propagate as the weather warms up, so follow these steps. Take cuttings from your own plant or ask … Continue reading Zippy way to a few new zygos

Smarten up your deck

Is your timber deck in need of a spruce-up for summer? Our outdoor spaces are so important for enjoying the warm weather, so when family and friends descend on your house, make sure the deck is gleaming. Follow these tips to get ready for the foot traffic. Pressure wash or use a hard broom and … Continue reading Smarten up your deck

Feed me, feed me

Take a look around – it’s spring, so your plants should be growing before your very eyes! Some plants get hungrier than others, so act now. Before you feed, give the soil a good wetting, and follow up with regular watering to help transfer nutrients to the roots. Here are four types of plants to … Continue reading Feed me, feed me