Divide and multiply perennials

PerennialsEstablished perennials that have started to spread and multiply in the garden can become the source of free plants for yourself and your gardening friends. Once their flowers have faded, check out clumping and spreading plants, such as shasta daisy, delphinium, armeria, ajuga, daylily, society garlic, heuchera, diascia and catmint. You can even split up carpeting succulents, such as blue chalk sticks and echeverias.

Prune off dead flowers and leaves, and choose a cool day to carefully lift out the entire clump. Trim dead or scruffy sections and discard the centre if it looks a bit worn out. Select and cut off some well-rooted, healthy pieces and sit them in a shallow container of water.

If you are planning to move them to another part of the garden or put them back into their original spot, take the opportunity to improve the soil by digging in some compost. Water well before and after planting, and don’t let the plants dry out as their roots are re-establishing. Pot up any pieces you want to give away.

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