Feed me, feed me

Take a look around – it’s spring, so your plants should be growing before your very eyes! Some plants get hungrier than others, so act now. Before you feed, give the soil a good wetting, and follow up with regular watering to help transfer nutrients to the roots. Here are four types of plants to feed and feed again.

  • Vegies are super hungry – a little and often is the key for most crops. Sprinkle organic fertiliser every six to eight weeks, and supplement fortnightly with liquid fertiliser.
  • Repeat-flowering roses repay regular attention to keep them blooming right through to early winter. Give them some rose food now, then a weekly application of diluted fish emulsion and liquid seaweed, sprayed on the foliage.
  • Potted plants need regular feeding because potting mix has very few nutrients, and these leach away with regular watering. Apply controlled release fertilisers, and top up regularly.
  • Citrus are hard working trees. Sprinkle a little pelletised chicken manure on the surface of potted citrus every month, and give in-ground trees a dose every two to three months, and you will help trees get on with producing next year’s crop.

For lists of other jobs to do in your garden this month, see inside the November issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.