Five top roses for scent

Some say a rose just isn’t a rose unless it has a perfume. Won’t be long now before we start seeing lots of bare-rooted roses appearing at our garden centres. If you are thinking about buying a scented rose for your garden, check out these five top picks.


‘Mr Lincoln’

A tall-growing, dark red Hybrid Tea rose with an exquisite perfume and long stems, making it ideal for the vase. It’s a proven performer, particularly in hot conditions.

‘Double Delight’

A spicy scented Hybrid Tea with a creamy centre and a cerise border to the petals. The bush grows to about 1.5m and performs well in hot weather, but not so well in humid conditions.


A clustered Floribunda rose with sweetly perfumed, bright yellow blooms and attractive dark green foliage and compact growth.

‘Gertrude Jekyll’

A David Austin rose with clusters of large, deep pink double blooms and an exceptional fragrance.  Can be trained as a bushy shrub or a small climber.


A moderately sized, free-flowering climbing rose with apricot to orange blooms that have a spicy clove perfume.

There are plenty more fragrant beauties to choose from, such as the Dublin Bay rose shown above. Roses hit the spotlight in the May issue where we feature climbing varieties. Rose expert Elizabeth Swane guides you through the process of selecting the perfect one for your needs, with tips for training, pruning and general care.