Grow microgreens indoors

Even if you don’t have much room in your garden for food crops, you can always grow healthy microgreens on an indoor windowsill. They’re quick and easy to grow from seed.

Most seed companies supply special microgreen selections, but you can often find suitable seeds in supermarkets or health-food stores. The choice ranges from large seeds, including peas and beans, to tiny ones such as cress. It’s fun to experiment, but make sure the seeds haven’t been coated with any sort of fungicide or insecticide (check the packet for this information).

Start by filling a shallow container with some seed-raising mix. Water the mix, then drain. Sow the seeds on top, cover them lightly with more mix then mist-spray to moisten. Keep the container in a well-lit spot, out of direct sunlight, and check regularly to see if it needs more water. To help retain moisture, cover the top in the early stages with clear plastic wrap, or you could recycle a transparent salad container with a lid.

When the tiny plants are at a usable size – usually when they are a few centimetres tall – harvest them with scissors. They won’t re-grow from the roots but, as they only take a few weeks to reach harvest size, you can always have another batch coming on.

For more growing information, including which herbs and vegies to plant and harvest this month, pick up a copy of the July 2019 issue.