Help, it’s nearly Christmas!

Help, it’s nearly Christmas!Playing host this festive season? Is your garden far from looking picture-perfect? Don’t worry, there’s time to spruce up your patch even if you’ve procrastinated until the last minute. Just put aside a few hours each week, and you can still whip it into shape. Here’s a few of the tasks on our to-do lists and shopping suggestions from our December issue Christmas Countdown.

  • 4 weeks out Prune overgrown shrubs, weed and feed lawns, pull out anything looking too sad.
  • 3 weeks out Clean decking and pavers, wash outdoor furniture, put up the Christmas lights, deadhead.
  • 2 weeks out Pot up green gifts, decorate your Christmas tree, neaten hedges, liquid-feed pot plants.
  • 1 week out Mow the lawn, and trim the edges, decorate with potted colour, iron the tablecloth and get ready for Santa and all your guests!

Check out the December issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine for more tips and tricks to make your garden look splendid in time for Christmas.