Ideas for gardeners on the move

Ideas for gardeners on the moveYou can take it with you. Gardeners who change addresses quite often can still make their garden a special place, through clever selection of items that can be dismantled and moved.

  1. Decorative pots One or more beautiful big ceramic or concrete pots dramatically enhance a terrace or quiet seating area in the garden. They showcase large, dramatic plants and retain moisture for a while, reducing maintenance.
  2. Water feature A water feature attracts wildlife and serves as a focal point of the courtyard or garden. It might be a large sealed pot, a prefabricated pond or just a sheet of heavy-duty butyl liner placed in a depression. Adding fish and waterlilies sets the scene, and you might also want to add a pump and some cascades. There are many ponds that look like permanent fixtures but can be pulled apart and moved quite readily.
  3. Gazebo, bush house or greenhouse Many kit or off-the-shelf structures can be readily assembled and disassembled. These allow you to dabble in propagation and grow some exotic plants, or simply enjoy the space they provide. Some shadehouses are made from tubular steel with standardised joiners, and these are easy to assemble, modify and relocate. Shadecloth is readily cut to size and secured in place.

For more inspiration to help you make your rental garden your own, check out the February issue, out now.