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Check out the latest in cinerarias and wattles, pot up some on-trend indoor plants, then rug up and head outside for some family-friendly projects.

Flowers for winter colour

Cinerarias have had a makeover. These tried-and-true winter favourites now come in lower-growing, more compact forms, and in yummy new colours beyond the classic blues and purples.

New look wattles

There’s still a place for the good old green and gold, but check out the latest wattles in many shapes and textures to suit home gardens everywhere.

Winter projects

Grab your tools and follow the step-by-step instructions for these family-friendly projects. Josh and his kids make a hanger of ‘take what you want’ nesting materials for local birds; Millie makes log pots and turns an old metal bucket into a funky container; and Tino heads outside for a blazing good time round the ‘charbecue’ – resulting in a rich by-product for his soil.

Crimes against compost

Does your compost heap have a bad case of the splodgies? Or the glugs? Jackie French reads out the charge sheet and tells you how to make amends.

Indoor plant darlings

Mini monsteras, patterned foliage and shiny, trailing leaves… these on-trend plants are just what you need to make your own indoor glamour pot. Easy!

Garden inspiration

Visit a property overlooking the Murray River that, with a lot of hard work, has been lovingly transformed from scrubland into a beautiful, productive garden

In the patch

Choose or make a good potting mix for your vegies, plant a bare-rooted plum, force rhubarb, get to the bottom of a choko that won’t grow (weird, but it happens), and see how to grow and eat wombok or Chinese cabbage.


Also in this issue 

  • Puddles, frost, slow growth, lack of colour… how to manage winter woes
  • Cow manure versus cow manure blend: what’s the difference?
  • From aquaponics to straw bale gardens – meet a passionate food grower
  • Travel to a surprising garden in Dunedin, in the south of New Zealand

PLUS Get stuck into more than 50 jobs in your garden this month

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