In This Issue

Welcome a brand new gardening year with beautiful and interesting plants, some great recycling ideas, and all the know-how and practical tips you need to have your garden looking its best

How to grow lotus

They’re exquisitely beautiful, easy to grow, and suitable for warm frost-free areas in Australia. What’s not to love about lotus? Find out how to grow them in pots and ponds, and provide the conditions that enable them to thrive.

Re-use and recycle

Do your bit for the planet, and dive into this recycling special featuring dozens of creative ways to reduce, re-use and recycle plastic and other garden waste. And follow our four easy steps to making your own compost.

Loving the blues

An old favourite in the cool-climate garden, English lavender is adored for its purple-blue spires of fragrant blooms. Learn how to grow this beauty, and where you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of it growing en masse on lavender farms.

The Fibonacci sequence

Discover how the fascinating Fibonacci sequence of numbers occurs naturally in nature and is used in architecture and garden design. Once you’re aware of these mathematical patterns, you’ll be seeing them everywhere!

Public gardens to see this summer

When you’re heading off on a roadtrip, remember there are a plethora of gorgeous public gardens around the country, just waiting to be discovered. Stretch your legs and stretch your mind with their expanses of cooling greenery, and special collections.

Swale of a time

What’s a swale when it’s at home? Well, it involves a slope and a dip, and in this coastal suburban garden, it curves around the backyard and is topped with lawn and buxus hedging. Chooks, vegies, trampoline and dinosaurs in pots – this family garden has it all.

In the patch

Learn how to prune a pawpaw, with clear step-by-step instructions, plant up a pot of mint and get your brussels sprouts underway.

Also in this issue

  • 10 perennial greens to grow for a steady supply of fresh leaves
  • One for the bucket list: Lambley Gardens & Nursery
  • Step-by-step advice on taking heel cuttings
  • The playful nature and pollination skills of the wattlebird
  • The sweet scents of summer with Jackie French
  • Your list of jobs to do in the garden this month

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