In This Issue

Brush up on key gardening skills, get your head around fertilisers, and embrace spring planting with bananas, hibiscus, tree ferns, and cool little groundcovers to nestle up close to steppers.

Back to basics: 6 essential skills

Armed with these six key gardening skills, explained in step-by-steps, you are set for most tasks in the garden. Learn how to buy a healthy plant, plant correctly, make great compost, take a cutting, divide a clump, and prune without fear.

Fertiliser know-how

Don’t get lost in the jungle of organic versus inorganic, liquid versus pelletised, fast-acting versus slow-release. Find out what to feed your plants with, and how each type works.

Poppy love

One of the joys of spring is a bunch of poppies. You can grow these at home in most zones, in a sunny garden bed or bright spot on the balcony. Discover the various types, and the best time to sow seed in your area.

So hip to be hibiscus

The iconic hibiscus flower is an increasingly prevalent graphic in clothing design and interior decorating. Hibiscus are back in fashion, and a new range of plants is available in garden centres.

Water tanks

Future-proof your garden against unreliable rainfall and water restrictions. This first installment of a water series takes you through the process of installing a rainwater tank so you can keep your garden growing.

Plants to surround steppers

Steppers create pathways and connect different zones in the garden. They can be more than functional when edged with soft, tufty groundcovers, some with tiny flowers, others with fragrant leaves.

Go bananas

Learn how to grow your own, follow steps to making a banana circle, and find out which varieties make for easy bagging and picking.

Also in this issue

  • Transform a shady, underused spot with a tree fern
  • Pick up expert advice on growing tomatoes in pots
  • When in Rome… visit the Garden of Ninfa, the most romantic in the world
  • Dig into 50+ jobs in your garden this month

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