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In this issue April 2020

In the April 2020 issue, immerse yourself in two special stories on starting over after fire, and explore some great ideas for planting this autumn – a time of renewal and laying the groundwork for next spring.

Starting over after fire

The practical steps to take in creating a new garden after fire, plus inspiration and lessons learnt from three couples who rebuilt their gardens after Victoria’s Black Saturday fires.

Instant vegie patch

This is the easiest vegie patch ever, with full step-by-step instructions. All you need is two hours, two people and less than a hundred bucks.

20 flowers to sow now for spring picking

Choose from a selection of flowering plants to grow from seed with the help of a handy chart that shows when to sow them in your climate zone.

Jeepers creepers

How to have a slice of autumn’s leafy spectacle when you don’t have room for trees? Grow a Virginia creeper or other deciduous climber, and enjoy rich tones overhead.

Bush in the ’burbs

A beautiful coastal garden in Perth has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on sustainability, using recycled materials and a diverse range of endemic species.

Make the most of choko

Love it or hate it, choko is a resilient and giving vegetable. Picked very young, it’s a delicacy, especially when cooked up in one of these delicious Jackie French recipes.

Spider plant

Discover the charms of the spider plant, with its spiky green and white striped leaves. This popular indoor plant grows trailing plantlets that can be easily propagated.

Also in this issue

  • Make a paper pot for raising seedlings
  • Plant pansies with your onions
  • Grow cauliflower in a pot (yes, really)
  • Visit The Giant’s House in New Zealand
  • Get stuck into 50-plus jobs this month

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