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In This issue February 2019

Gardener of the Year

The winner of our prestigious award is John Le Messurier, who over 40 years has quietly transformed a disused coal mine site near Newcastle into a native wonderland filled with wildlife. Read about his lifetime of gardening, and the surprise he got when we arrived in person – sneaking Costa into the backyard – to deliver the news he’d won.

Tuberous begonias

Try stopping at one. With their big, blousy blooms, and range of colours, these cool-climate collectables look fantastic in pots and baskets. Find out how to nurture yours to perfection.

Super-tough salvias

Not all these pretty, heat-loving plants can handle the kinds of conditions that Sophie Thomson contends with – baking-hot, dry summers and wet, frosty winters. Find out which salvias she favours for their ability to handle extremes.

Hot pots

What’s good to grow in a pot when the outdoors is hot? Deryn Thorpe features 15 top ideas for container growing, whether you’re in a summer-dry or summer-humid climate.

In the patch

Phil Dudman shows you how to grow delicious and colourful beetroot, and there’s a step-by-step to marcotting a lychee or other fruit tree. Marcotting is a kind of propagation done in the air, without severing the stem of the mother plant. It sounds fancy but it’s easy!

Bringing in the birds

Discover which species to add to your plant pantry to lure in the birds, and discover the role that beak shape plays in determining what a bird likes to eat.

Gardeners on the move

Is it possible to have a garden at home, even if you change address frequently? It certainly is, and these tips, ideas and Q&As with fellow mobile gardeners are bound to inspire you.

Also in this issue

  • What is citizen science, and why get involved?
  • How to prepare your garden for damaging storms
  • Step-by-step on raising lomandra plants from seed
  • Small but perfect – three tiny sheds from creative readers
  • One for the bucket list: Monet’s Garden in France

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