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In this issue November 2020

In the November issue, learn how to turn your garden into a mecca for small birds, grow your favourite daisies, transform clay into workable soil, and catch and conserve water.

Big welcome for small birds

Small birds are a joy to see in the garden. Discover the many practical ways you can offer them a safe haven, learn how to spot 10 different species, and participate in the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

Daisies to grow now

There are many daisies to fall in love with – tens of thousands, in fact. Choose from our gorgeous gallery showcasing 12 of the best, complete with growing guides.

Waterwise gardening

Take a peek at Josh Byrne’s garden in Perth to find out how to use permeable surface treatments, hydrozoning and soil conditioners to catch and conserve water. And for more of Josh’s tips on sustainable gardening, enter the competition to win his new book, The Sustainable House Handbook.

Prehistoric plants

Cycads have been around for more than 250 million years, which says something about their tenacity! There are many types of these low-care plants, so you’re sure to find the perfect statement piece for your garden.

Japanese windflowers

The most complicated thing about this easy-care perennial is its many botanical names. Now is the time to source new plants, or dig up and divide existing clumps, in preparation for these tall autumn blooms that look gorgeous en masse.

Remedies for clay soil

Clay isn’t ideal for your plants… or your back. But it’s not all bad either. Tino Carnevale explains five ways to turn a dense, heavy clay soil into an asset.

Rockery revival

Remember the rockery? It’s easy to re-create this iconic garden feature of the ’60s and ’70s with our step-by-step guide and 10 suggested plants to mix and match.

Home-grown kiwifruit

Kiwifruit are perfect little packages of sweet, juicy goodness. The vines are generally free of problems, but be prepared to give these vigorous growers plenty of space, and to prune regularly.

Helping animals after bushfire

We all want to help wildlife when bushfire strikes, but did you know there’s a right and a wrong way to feed and water them? Jackie French explains how to correctly set up a food and water station.

Meet the Longleys

Take inspiration from a family-run property in the Perth Hills that melds the romance of climbing roses and deciduous trees with the production of top-quality organic food.

Also in this issue

  • Plant amaranth, pick garlic, and grow eggplant in a pot
  • Know which plants to prune after spring flowering
  • Visit Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake in Tasmania
  • Get stuck into 50-plus jobs in your garden this month

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