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In this issue Nov 2018

The November issue is bursting with practical advice, what to plant now and inspiration from fellow gardeners around the nation. Here’s a peek of what’s inside.

No-fuss flowers to plant now

Calibrachoa and its close relative petunia are happy-go-lucky plants that flower year-round in warm climates and they look great planted out in a pot or basket. Check out some more unusual varieties and learn how to help them flourish.

Storage ideas for small gardens

Your garden may be too small for a traditional shed but there are plenty of ways to create storage space. Pick up some nifty ideas for transforming ordinary objects into a place for all your essential garden tools and materials.

Crop rotation made easy

If you have a vegie patch, one way to lower the incidence of diseases and capitalise on nutrient levels is to use crop rotation. Follow our easy-to-follow guide and handy diagram to try out the system in your garden.

Grow scarlet runner beans

This huge climbing vine is a prodigious producer of lovely bright red flowers and then bucketloads of beans, which will keep cropping for up to three months as long as you keep harvesting them!

Disease-resistant vegies

Are you sick of all your hard work coming to nil because your vegies fall victim to disease over the summer? It’s time to fight back by planting some disease-resistant varieties this year.

Vote for Gardener of the Year

The finalists have been chosen and now it’s now your chance to vote for the Gardener of the Year. Read more about them in the November issue of the magazine, on sale now, and then vote here.

Is it okay to water plants in the middle of the day?

What happens if water is left on the leaves of plants when the sun is beating down? Can you burn foliage or even start a fire? Delve into the world of water, light, lenses and hairiness!

Also in this issue

    • Crops in pots: chillies are just made for containers
    • Rondeletia, an old-fashioned, charming shrub
    • New Zealand’s beautiful Ayrlies Garden
    • The tulip tree, a great choice for cool climates
    • Troubleshooting guide for rose health issues
    • Top jobs to tackle in your garden right now
    • Six ways to accidentally kill a tree!


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