10 gardening jobs to do in October

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Spring is in full swing and it’s time to enjoy all the new growth while you prepare for summer. Here are 10 jobs to get stuck into this month.

  • Plant gladioli bulbs at two-week intervals to spread out their blooming over late summer and autumn
  • Prune and fertilise native shrubs soon after their flowers start to fade
  • Feed hydrangeas every two weeks with a bloom-boosting liquid fertiliser to encourage larger summer blooms
  • Spray water through rose foliage in the morning once a week to deter thrips from attacking in coming months
  • Dig out bindii clumps carefully from lawns to remove the spiky seed heads so they can’t germinate next season
  • Spread organic fertiliser around summer bulbs, such as lilium, calla, sprekelia and veltheimia
  • Remove frost- and cold-damaged material from hibiscus, plumbago, frangipani, bougainvillea and other warm-climate plants
  • Transplant evergreen shrubs to give them time to settle into their new homes before the heat arrives
  • Lift tulip and hyacinth bulbs after the foliage has died down, then dry and store them to replant next year
  • Sprinkle cosmos seeds on garden beds for cheerful summer colour

You’ll find 50 gardening jobs or projects to do this month, including step-by-step guides to planting ginger in a pot and how to propagate Chinese money plant, in the October 2021 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.