Patch up your lawn

Patch up your lawnDead patches in the middle of your lawn are easy to fix. Follow our step-by-step guide to make your lawn somewhere to stretch out and relax on, or where the kids can bowl a straight ball in a backyard game of cricket.

  1. Use a garden fork to loosen up the area, then turn over the soil with a sharp spade, just like when you are putting in plants. Work a steel rake over the loosened soil to separate and remove dead runners.
  2. Dig out some healthy strips of lawn to about 10-15cm deep from a less used area. Backfill holes with a mix of topsoil and compost. Plant these ‘plugs’ in your prepared soil, keeping the tops level with surrounding turf.
  3. Topdress with compost to level out any dips, apply some fertiliser like blood and bone, then water in well. Keep moist for the first week or so, then water regularly until the new lawn is established.

You’ll find more lawn repair info plus a complete guide to choosing a new lawn in the March issue.