Prepare gardens for more heat

Prepare gardens for more heatOne of the greatest challenges for Australian gardeners is getting the garden through the long, hot summer. Here are some top tips for protecting your plants in the coming months.

  • Mulch This helps the soil stay cool and hold moisture, so check this and renew if needed. Water well before spreading mulch and don’t let it come into direct contact with the plants. Pebble mulch is a good choice in bushfire-prone gardens.
  • Be water smart Check hoses, taps and watering systems to ensure they are all working well. Train plants in good habits by deep watering rather than watering in short bursts as that only encourages roots to stay near the surface.
  • Avoid pruning Continue removing dead flowers but, as the weather heats up, avoid any unnecessary pruning that might promote sun-tender young growth.
  • Protect plants Erect a frame around the vegies onto which you can throw a protective cloth on super-hot days.

For more tips on protecting your gardens in the heat of summer, see the November issue.