It’s a real wild life

Did you know bees are most attracted to blue, pink or yellow blooms? Or that butterflies are partial to overripe fruit? As humans take over more of the natural environment, birds, bees, butterflies, lizards and many other creatures are looking for new homes. As a gardener, you can play your part in creating habitat and food sources for wildlife. Here are three things you can do today

  • Let a little patch of lawn grow long. Long, seedy grass is a haven for insects and small birds, which use it as a food source and a place to hide
  • Butterflies love fruit, so put out a saucer of rotting fruit or even a slice of lemon, or offer them a mix of 1 part sugar to 10 parts water
  • Attract frogs by partially burying some terracotta pots or ceramic pipes among logs, rocks and shrubs

For more ways to welcome wildlife to your garden, pick up a copy of the June issue. Wildlife expert Leonard Cronin outlines 25 ways to create habitat and provide food and water, while the Gardening Australia TV presenters share their personal tips.