Secret to more flowers in your garden

Secret to more flowers in your gardenWhile mid spring in the garden is all about flowers, fragrance and growth, there are also blooms past their best, overgrown hedges, and bits of frost-damaged growth that want to reshoot. Regular pruning and clipping takes little time but makes a world of difference to how long and how well plants grow. Make these clever cuts to keep things in full bloom at your place.

Deadheading is a type of pruning that’s done while plants are in flower. Regularly cutting off the dead flowers has several benefits: it keeps plants looking tidy, stops the plant forming seeds, can promote more flowers and sometimes, it acts as tip-pruning, encouraging bushy new growth which leads to bigger flower displays in the future. Cut off old flowers at the base of the stem, or if you choose to cut a bit harder, prune just above a node or leaf joint where new growth will appear. For shrubs or small flowering plants that mass themselves in blooms, shear over the plant when most of the flowers are spent.

You’ll find more spring jobs to do in the October issue.