Set up an Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Kids love hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden, and it’s an Easter activity that will leave them with memories for a lifetime. Here’s an easy way to do it that will also minimise any disputes. Happy hunting!

  • Hide small foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in a clearly defined part of the garden.
  • Give each child a basket or a paper bag with their name on it for collecting the eggs. You could even encourage them to decorate the bag before the hunt starts.
  • Provide each child with a pair of kid-sized protective gloves to wear, if desired.
  • Announce the maximum number of eggs that each child can collect (calculate this beforehand by dividing the total number of hidden eggs by the number of kids). Let them know that when they reach that limit, they must stop hunting for their own eggs and offer to help someone smaller or slower.
  • Reserve a few spare eggs so each child ends up with the same number.

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