The night garden

With the nights still warm, the garden continues to be a pleasant place for a breather after the sun goes down. Make it really sing with some lights, flowers, action!

How to transform your garden to shine at night…

Mood lighting
When lighting your garden, think of it as you would a room. Rather than harsh spotlights, that are too bright, you want to create an ambience. Candles, torches and temporary electrical lights are cost-effective ways but for a more permanent solution, look to small lights to illuminate pathways, water features and trees.

Sweet scent
Another joy of the night garden is the intoxicating smell of perfumed night flowers. Space night-blooming flowers around the house and outdoor living areas to bring another sensory element to your garden’s beauty. One of our favourites is the night-flowering waterlily with its sweet smell. It come in whites, pinks and reds, and stays open until morning.

Stage it
Easy partner: don’t think you have to make all these changes at once. Take your time, work out which areas you use the most for night-time entertaining, research which plants work in your climate and lastly, and most importantly, remember to enjoy it with friends and family, as often as you can.

For a complete list of perfumed night flowers, reflective leaves and bright ideas, check out Arno King’s night garden story in the March issue.