Tips for perfect lawn

Thinking of laying a new lawn? Here are five tips to get the best out of your turf.

1. Preparation

Don’t dismiss the prep work; it’s key to a good lawn. Break up compacted earth, and keep it moist. Turf underlay mix is the best surface to put down before the lawn; buy it from a landscape supplies outlet.

2. Level surface

Before the grass can go down, the surface needs to be smooth and level. Rake the surface, and rake again. It’s worth hiring a special lawn levelling rake for best results.

3. Best you can afford

Choose the best grade of turf your budget can afford and make sure it will be cut fresh on the day of delivery.

4. Heavy lifting

Turf rolls are heavy and awkward. If your back isn’t up to it, enlist help from a friend or professional.

5. Water, water, water

You really do need to water a young lawn. At times like this, a rainwater tank really comes into its own.

In the April issue, editor Jenny Baldwin reflects on the joy of a lush new lawn, and shares more tips for best results.