Top 10 gardening jobs this month

Top 10 jobs in February

There’s lots to do around the garden at this time of year. Here’s a list of jobs to do now.

  1. Check azaleas for silvery marks on new leaves (a telltale sign of lacebug attack), and spray fortnightly with neem or horticultural oil.
  2. Trim gardenias, fertilise and water well, then top the soil with mulch.
  3. Divide clumps of mondo grass, and remove any pieces that are invading garden beds.
  4. Turn compost regularly to take advantage of the summer warmth that will hasten its breakdown.
  5. Ensure camellias don’t dry out now that their buds are forming.
  6. Trim and fertilise roses to prepare them for their autumn flowering.
  7. Prune off burnt and discoloured hydrangea heads.
  8. Lift and divide clumps of lilium bulbs once all the leaves have turned yellow.
  9. Pick up fallen frangipani leaves to help prevent the spread of rust.
  10. Cut down any leggy stems on yuccas, cordylines and dracaenas, then use the pruned sections to propagate new plants.

You’ll find more than 50 gardening jobs and projects to do this month, including how to prepare for winter vegies and create an edible hedge, in the February 2020 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.