Top 10 gardening jobs this month

There’s lots to do around the garden at this time of year. Here’s a list of jobs to do now.

  1. Buy a potted hippeastrum while these showy plants are in flower, or make a resolution to purchase bulbs in late winter next year.
  2. Feed azaleas, rhododendrons and daphne with a fertiliser that is suitable for acid-loving plants.
  3. Sprinkle ammonium sulfate into the centres of clumping lawn weeds, such as dandelions, to burn them out.
  4. Use a sharp tug to pull off any rose shoots with flowers that don’t match the plant, as this is usually an indication that the rootstock is shooting.
  5. Plant petunias in pots and garden beds for long-lasting displays of summer flowers.
  6. Prune waratahs after the flowers have faded, and feed the plants with a low-phosphorus native fertiliser.
  7. Spray water underneath the leaves of azaleas, viburnums and rhododendrons to deter mites and azalea lace bugs.
  8. Take some cuttings from your dwarf bougainvilleas to grow more of these wonderful warm-season container plants.
  9. Trim formal hedges and topiaries now, before their new spring growth has time to harden.
  10. Apply liquid gypsum to lawn growing on clay soils to soften the soil and help moisture penetrate.

You’ll find more than 50 gardening jobs and projects to do this month, including how to care for clivias, tidy up roses and plant shady areas under trees, in the November issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.