Top 10 jobs for the edible garden

Edible garden

There’s plenty to do at this time of the year to keep your food plants happy. Here’s a list of jobs to do now.

  1. Remove and replant healthy strawberry runners that have developed baby plants at their tips.
  2. Prune and feed peach, nectarine and apricot trees as soon as you have finished harvesting them.
  3. Plant out seedlings of brussels sprouts to give them plenty of growing time before the cold sets in.
  4. Stop watering potato plants when the leaves start to yellow.
  5. Harvest garlic and hang it up in an airy place to dry.
  6. Cover fig trees with wildlife-friendly netting to protect ripening fruit.
  7. Plant a border of dwarf basil along the edge of an ornamental garden bed.
  8. Check summer vegetable crops every day, as they ripen rapidly in warm weather.
  9. Harvest watermelons when the curly tendril next to the stem has turned brown.
  10. Mulch tomato plants, and keep them well watered to prevent blossom-end rot developing at the base of the fruit.

You’ll find lots of expert advice about gardening jobs to do this month, including how to deal with black spot and summer weeds, in the January 2020 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.