Top 10 jobs to do now

Top 10 jobs in September

There’s lots to do in the garden at this time of year. Here’s a list of jobs to do now.

  1. Plan ahead for the coming bushfire season by cleaning up debris around the garden.
  2. Remove dead flowers from spring-blooming bulbs, and liquid-fertilise while the leaves are still green.
  3. Clip the outer edges of topiary plants, mop tops and hedges to tidy them up and restore their formal outlines.
  4. Put cyclamens in a dry, shaded spot where they can rest during their summer dormancy.
  5. Use a steel rake to scrape out any thatch and dead material from Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu lawns.
  6. Top up mulch that has become thin.
  7. Plant native tubestock so the small plants have time to establish before the hot weather arrives.
  8. Feed camellias, magnolias and azaleas with a plant food for acid-loving plants, and do any necessary pruning.
  9. Keep up the watering throughout dry spring periods to support all-important new growth.
  10. Prune jasmine after flowering by shortening any wayward stems and removing dead and crowded growth.

You’ll find more than 50 gardening projects this month, including climbers to plant now, when to prune winter-flowering shrubs, and how to plant up a wicker basket with flowers for summer, in the September 2020 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.