Top 10 jobs to do now

Top 10 jobs in December

Summer is just around the corner, and there’s lots to do to get the garden shipshape. Here are 10 jobs to get you started.

  1. Rake termite-attracting, woody mulches away from the walls of the house, and replace with gravel or terracotta chips.
  2. Check the deck or patio, and scrub off stains and mould, then re-oil or repaint if necessary.
  3. Move struggling indoor plants into a cool, shaded spot outdoors to give them a reviving summer holiday.
  4. Mow the lawn regularly, and trim the edges to prevent running grasses from invading the garden beds.
  5. Take cuttings of daphne, buxus and small-leafed grevilleas to propagate plants from the hardened new growth.
  6. Give lawns a summer feed with a slow-release lawn fertiliser.
  7. Prune off dead protea blooms, removing no more than 20cm of stem.
  8. Water all your plants with liquid seaweed to give them extra strength to cope with heatwaves.
  9. Turn off outdoor lights to stop them attracting the scarab beetles that chew leaves and spoil lawns.
  10. Propagate African violets by cutting off a leaf with its stem, then pushing it, stem first, into a small pot filled with African violet mix.

You’ll find more than 50 gardening projects this month, including tidying outdoors for the entertaining season, softening a compacted lawn, and rejuvenating a tired peace lily, in the December 2020 issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine, out now.