Top tips for tasty tomatoes

Top tips for tasty tomatoesYour tomato plants will be needing a bit of attention now to ensure a bountiful crop, so follow our care guide and you’ll soon be eating plump, juicy tomatoes that are full of flavour – a true taste of summer.

  • Train vines Once or twice a week, pinch out shoots sprouting from leaf junctions and loosely tie spreading vines to the frame. And if you’ve planted bushy types, make sure they have space to sprawl.
  • Manage disease Once a week remove all diseased leaves – don’t compost them, toss them in your general rubbish bin. Remember to wash your hands between plants to avoid spreading disease.
  • Water, water Give roots a good soaking every second day – or even daily during hot periods. Spread a 5–10cm layer of mulch to conserve moisture.
  • Feed me Every six weeks sprinkle blood and bone and sulfate of potash, then water them in well. Give your tomatoes a dose of liquid seaweed once a fortnight too.

This is just one of more than 50 jobs to do in the garden this month. For the rest of your ‘must-dos’, pick up the December issue of ABC Gardening Australia magazine.