What’s hot in hardscaping?

What’s hot in hardscaping?There are so many materials now that make great paths, patios, driveways and feature spaces. Some, like stone or granite, come straight from the ground, while timber is milled from natural resources, and others are made to measure in the factory. Here’s what’s on trend this season.

  1. Natural timber Rather than sealing decks or wooden seating or structures with a stain, hardwood is being left to go grey, so you really enjoy the natural, silvery finish of ageing timber.
  2. Ashlar or French-patterned paving This distinctive style of using different size pavers can be rustic or modern, depending on the pavers, and fits well into any layout.
  3. Crazy paving (above) or flagging paving Irregular-sized pavers are cut and laid in a puzzle-like formation with a visible mortar join, delivering an informal look by celebrating the stone in its natural state

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